Cruella de Vill from Taste of Ambrosia Wilma - Brightlys kennel



SE UCH DK UCH Cruella de Ville from Taste of Ambrosia "Wilma"
born: 15/1- 2010  Clear - PLL Clear - NCL

 U: Atisha´s Blazed-N-Confused               E:Multi CH Multi BIS Multi BISS
                                                                         WW-10 WW-12 WW-13 EUW-12
                                                                         Atisha´s Blance de Noir "Picasso" 

20150620+21 DKK INT  X2 Vejen

20150620+21 DKK INT  X2 Vejen

20150620+21 DKK INT  X2 Vejen

2015 SKK INT Malmö

2015 SKK INT Malmö

2015 SKK INT Malmö

Wilma at Mydog 2015.01.03-04 Excellent both days

Wilma at Mydog 2015.01.03-04

Wilma at Mydog 2015.01.03-04

 SKK INT ESLÖV 2014.09.13 Excellent - 4 Best Bitch

Finaly spring is here in south of Sweden!

SE UCH DK UCH FI UCH NORD UCH Cruella de Ville Taste of Ambrosia

SE UCH DK UCH FI UCH NORD UCH Cruella de Ville Taste of Ambrosia

SE UCH DK UCH FI UCH NORD UCH Cruella de Ville Taste of Ambrosia


Cruella de Ville Taste of Ambrosa are also FI UCH today !

Wilma BIM/BOS - Åland/Eckerö INT Show today

BOB & BOS / BIR & BIM at TTS-specialshow in Hässleholm 2013

2013 at the show

2013 TTS-specialshow she was BOS/BIM and got her 2:d ClubCert. 3 years old!

Waiting for the show 2013 SKK INT Ronneby


TTS-Hässleholm 2013

 Wilma in spring 2013

Wilma restling in the Papillon puppiebed

TTS Wilma 2-3 years class. 20120804

TTS-Show in Gothenburg 20120804

Wilma in Championclass at SKK NAT Hässleholm 4 Best female

Tangahed svktr it´s blowing in the wind

Wilma at SVKTR Show in Tångaher 12/5-2012

Wilmas certification as SE UCH has arrived 20120330

Wilma och domaren Åke Cronander snackar lite

BIM Öland TTS specialen 20110903

BOB/BIR TTS specialen Öland 20110903 domare Åke Cronander

SKK NAT Sofiero 2011.09,11 1-Ck-3bt-Cert

BIM -Cert-CACIB i Vejen-Danmark

SKK INT Tvååker 2011

Varberg Valpshow Cruella de Ville Taste of Ambrosia BIS-2 valp

4/6 SKK Norrköping- Judge: Mr. John Mulldoon

A happy Wilma at Norrköping show !


4/6 SKK Norrköping 1-Excellent-CC-3 Best female R-CAC

Wilma 15 monthExcellent-CC SvKTR Tångahed 74 adults entry Judge: Steven Green U.K

SvKTR Tångahed 2011.05.14 Excellent-CC

20110514 SvKTR Tångahed 74 adult Tibetan Terriers entry

Wilma:TTS Varberg valpshow BIS-3  - 351 valpar i alla raser var där.

10/4 20011 Varberg valpshow

10/4 Wilma BIR/BOB Kalle BIM/BOS 9-18 månader och 14 Tibetansk Terrier

Filalgruppen 9. Wilma blev  segrare GRUPP 1 / Wilma GROUP-1 at utility group.

BIR/BOB - CK/CC - GROUP-1 14 month old


2011.03.19 - Wilma at SvKTR show in Malmö - Juniorclass 2 - Excellent - CC

2011.03.19 SvKTR-Malmö

2011.03.19 SvKTR Malmö


Wilma 20110305

Wilma happy in the snow 20110127

Christmas 2010

The first time bath and grooming in her new home.


Elliot Wilma & Elaine sept 2010

Wilma at our place 20100912

Visit with Mickes children

Wilma wanted to go in

Elaine, Wilma, Aisha & Tasty

Thirsty after a long day outside playing

Wilma in Sweden 2010 09 07

Wilma 6 month

Zsolt and all his dogs at home

Micke plays with Wilma, Paloma & Maja in the garden

20100730 - Wilma in the garden

Zsolt & Friska

Wilma Paloma Maja and me

Eva & Bono

All the 3 puppies 6 month

Wilma take a break

WDS-Herning 2010 Wilmas father Picasso won BOB CAC CACIB

Atisha´s Blance de Noir "Picasso" beats 6000 to BIS at the big dogshow in croatia 2010 07 25

In the garden April 2010

April in Hungery

A little kiss - Maja & Wilma

Wilma3 month

Wilma 3 month

Wilma 3 month

Playtime !

Have fun!

wilma 7 veckor


Zsolt and the pupps playing

Abbie and Wilma

Wilma Paloma & Maja

U:Atisha´s Blazed-N-Confused "Abbie"

E:Multi BISS Multi BIS AM CH SE CH Atisha´s Blanc de Noir "PICASSO"

2010 -  SKK INT Gothenburg Picasso and Zsolt BIS + BIS 3

Zsolt & Wilma

Eva & Wilma

Cruella de Ville from Taste of Ambrosia "Wilma"


Wilma & Paloma




Abbie and Friska in the garden